Aim9ms are useless

aim9-ms are not incostistent but consistently bad like worse than 9L-s rn

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chat is this real


9ms special features arent implemented yet its just a basic IOG stoptrack IRCCM without the feature that makes it pull more than the enemy plane so only the engines are in the seekers view. R73 is a bajillion times better than the 9m in its current state.


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You figured that with 272 battles total?


I have a strange feeling you’ve never used an R73


Several accounts that ive used them on lmao. It takes like 56-70 hours to grind a air tree to max with prem plane and time. So yes ive used them plenty but mostly on the SU-39 because only prem with R73 at the time. Ive also flown the F15 with 9ms and they suck ass in comparison.

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Isn’t account sharing bannable and having an alt too? Lmao


272 battles about 30 hours active play time and near top tier in german air. Ive grinded several accounts last one was USSR which ive used the SU-39 for (because fun multirole aircraft and disgustingly modeled airframe) and the R73 was miles better in comparison to the 9ms ive used on the account before that with the F15. Maybe dont judge others by your standards if theyre that low.

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Sure is

3.4. The User shall not create multiple Accounts.

3.6. The User shall not sell (or buy), rent, exchange, or give away an Account.


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So you’re willing to say all of this, on an official Gaijin forum, about breaking multiple parts of Gaijin’s TOS, and expect anyone to take your opinions on missile performance seriously?

You missing the fallacy or do I need to spell it out?


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You’re going to be the only one saying that, even on here. But go on, be wrong.

Test if yourself then? Judging by the amount of weekly battles youve got time.

Huh R-73 is ass compared to 9M the R-73 kill range is like 2km whereby the IRCCM will ignore flares while the 9M and AAM-3 can be fired out to 3-4km with no issue ignoring flares


I mean thats exactly what i wrote in another comment tbh. The r73 is basically hardlocked side aspect below 2km. The 9m can easily becountered by stepping of the burner flaring banking 90 and leaving

Doesn’t seem to be the case with r73. Or maybe this is just in sim, because there I had no trouble flaring 3 in a row, rear-side aspect as well.

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Would be weird if it was just in sim I dont think sim has missile stat changes? It depends on the launch angle too though. I dont know what it is but sometimes missiles either go on a followy-type intercept and other times they they go on a proper shortest distance to manouvering target intercept. (see DCS missile launches where the latter is mostly the case in rear side launches). Could you maybe link me the sim game where that happened Id like to see it in sensor view mode.

Edit: large or small caliber CM?

F-16c. I think its small caliber. Game was long ago so i cant really. Has happened before as well, r73 seem to be much easier to flare even within 1km