-Hello. So i come here and create this topic because dont find another one who have the same as me:

  • Its happened many time to me, this day 3 game in A5C, 3 games dead same way> I was shooted by F5C/AV8A so with Aim9E and G, i turn slightly, cut my post combustion and use my max speed because i do all i can for stay at this speed, and flare. I flare a lot, i flare all i have my 18 flares and nothing! The missile totally ignore them or return to my plane the second i’m empty…

So, 3/4 month ago, its happaned to me, and i notice with planes who dont have post combustion its more frequent probably because you can’t lower your heat signature like a PC jet. Even with 10% throttle i remember see aim9L or more R60M do it. And its not shooted close to me it between 2/ and 3 km for precision.

Am i alone? very frustrating to die when you clearly can’t and do what you must for win and play better than the opponents. There is eneugh problems and frustration in this game for have this now in addition to all the balance issues like in top tier tank battles!

Post a clip, it is highly unlikely you are flaring correctly

How? And i play since 19 february 2014 so i know how flares but, ok np if you want.

The point of CMs is to get the flares in front of the missiles seeker, and the missiles seekers FOV out of LOS with your aircraft.

AIM-9E and AIM-9D/G have no resistance to CMs, it is highly unlikely you are actually doing as you say, a single flare pop is a guaranteed avoid if you are out of AB and maneuvering.

Of course i know, and i tell you he ignore flare and return instantly when all m yflares was droped one by one. i feel fught vs mini aim9M

Popping all flares is making a path right to your plane


post clips or you are trolling

I turn for not stay in front of the missile otherwise he nevermind your flares. Long time i learn this lesson

I’m guessing English isn’t first language

Go look my replay if yo uwant. I dont have any programs and not know how yo upload there

ANd? not my fault if it is this lmanguage choosen for speak in forum games
The link of my last abttle

1km launch from an AV-8B, you turned off AB too late, and you flared too little and too late while also not maneuvering enough. The A-5C is a pig at transonic speeds.

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far more than 1 km, you’re wrong. And i dont know i must lure with all i have like it was an Aim9M!! I play since 2014 and mainly planes and never see ennemy must do this for my US missiles especially f5C where a simple flares and your missile run away. Same for magic when they are able to go to a flare out of your screen because so nerfed by gaijin! I exagerate but its real.
And iit is not happened once. But my 4 games tonight, my last with aim9L. Same attitude, totally ignore me. At mach 1 i lure and many second and try stay straight and turn while luring and nothing…I change plane and oh problem solved.