Aim7M/F more broken than ever?

Like it literally pulling 90º to the side when you have a head-on lock on a lone flanker coming straight at you at high altitude. Perfect conditions in every way and the missile decides to J out

Had something similar happen to me in my SU27, they still need to finetune the New radar Mechanics they added, give em time

R-24R missing constantly since the update…

I had this happen too, was at about mach 1.1 5000 metres, one missile aimed at a lower altitude mig 29 went straight down into the ground, the next shot at a contrailing su 27 did the exact opposite and went to space instead.

I think whatever change they made to the missiles in the changelog to try fix them got spaghetti’d and borked them more.

Dunno, AIM7Fs are working so much better, but id need to play more battles to say for certain.

Forst impression is great tho.

Which plane are you using?

Just got shoot down by an R-27ER without any warning while flying the f14a, not from RWR blindspot

just played a match, F-20 going vertical and im in an f-15 and nose up lock radar and fire at about 10 miles. the aim7 decides it didnt want to go to the f-20 and started going right. fired a second one 5 miles out and it finally connected. same old stuff missiles not wanting to track

I was using F-4S.