Aim7c. What am I doing wrong?

The Aim7c missile is doing my head in in the F3H-2 & I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Playing arcade.

My process is,
Lock onto the target with the green box.
Activate the missile & wait for the circle to turn red
Lead the target while keeping the green box & red circle active & locked. Fire
Keep the radar locked on until impact.

However, even in test flight, I struggle to get hits even against the Mig15 drones. I have to be within 2km & directly behind to get a hit. Any further or anywhere but directly behind, no hits. Zero chance in a real game situation.

Any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong?

no, its just bullshit, until the AIM7E-2, the sparrow finally avilable to use

Yup the aim-7c is a piece of shit. However the aim-9c which is waiting for you in f-8e is greatly effective when used correctly.

However, i have had very small luck with it at altitude head ons, firing from 6km. However you can only get the kill if your target is 1. braindead and 2. continues flying straight. Also don’t bother using ACM mode. Thin scan>wide scan on radar.


It’s also likely less effective in arcade where aircraft can pull harder

Aim7c is the probably the worst radar missle so dont expect much. They need nesr peefect conditions to get a hit.

The aim7d is a lot more workable.

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