Aim-9M should be on F14A, B & D, plus AV-8B and up, plus AH-1W and newer

The Aim-9M which went into service in 1982 should be outfitted on the following:


This is from the old training manual:



F-14A early 80’s training fire AIM-9M but F-14A Early in USA tech tree never access AIM-9M

I hope gaijin add AIM-9M on F-14B this year but not sure might consider this month ?

AH-1W should get AIM-9M replace AIM-9L

Tornado IDS needs it too…

Do you have the British training manual for the Aim-9Li. That would likely have a table of aircraft.

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Negative, but we both know they carried them so it should get them

I agree, but they always reject it if you don’t “clip it” from something… They even reject it often when we do.

Where am I meant to put a suggestion like that anyway? I have 5 suggestions on this forum pending, and they have been for over a month, my one “Accepted” hasn’t appeared on the forums yet either. It won’t be classed as a bug report because the 9L/I isn’t in game yet either

They aren’t listening to us anymore. Suggestions are not being approved, and I have reported them as bug reports like the forums mods said to do. Now they are saying “these are not bugs” when it comes to bad models and incorrect data. So they don’t really care, and you can put them here but they will not listen.

That’s exactly my point… I’ve wondered if my suggestions haven’t been approved because they were all for the British tree, and we both know that gaijin just hates Britain

They hate everyone that isn’t russian. russian vehicles lack absolutely nothing. They get every ordinance, every tech, every upgrade… They are not missing anything. The Mig 29 didn’t last a year without getting R73s.

Meanwhile we are told we just aren’t going to see full loadouts for other nations. No mavericks guided bombs for the Swedish 105G. No NERA for the S tank… They basically don’t care unless it benefits russian.

Not quite, Gaijin does indeed like USA, they like USSR more… but they do like USA. USA is the only country with ARHs. Anyway, they hate Britain the most