AIM-9M for F-14B

It had them irl and i think it would make the F-14B more competetive in AIR RB and SB.

Most likely they’re reserving it for F-14D which might come this next major patch:

June 2022: F-14A Early
June 2023: F-14B
June 2024: F-14D???

Sure, F-14B to 12.7.

In reality, F-14B is one of the best 12.0s in the game, it’s a meta jet that’s easy to use.
9Ls are fine.

I hope so

On my opinion F-14B is good as is. F-14D with 9M will be good.

I’m not quite surprised new USN 4th generation fighter aircraft gaijin add to USA tech tree 2 months but not sure early legacy Hornet with AIM-7 Sparrow coming to june or december this year

I assume for F-14D start IR AAM stock maybe 2x AIM-9M, and F-14D would be 12.7 BR in Air RB & Air SB

I might hope gajin add AIM-9M on F-14B with increase to 12.3 BR in june

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