AIM-9L Now With Radar Missile Bug

Anybody want to tell me what is going on here or how this is a ‘skill’ issue?

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skill issue clearly /s

Prox fuses are bugged

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Noticed this myself a couple of times now.

9L just passing right through / by the target I launched at.

Im pretty sure it is all missiles

For me the aim7Ms the worst hit by this. The amount of times I have a clear solution, right range, target lock and my missile just flies through or veers off is infuriating. It happens way too often…I’ve taken to just flying with aim9s to get by but then of course I die to someone’s radar missile that DOES work. Really annoying.

As last poster mentioned all missiles seem affected. My first two flyouts they work better, longer I play worse the situation becomes it seems…

At least you can bring more of them.
While mig-29… they are complete trash now since they only have two 27ERs and the rest are trash IR 5.0FOV missiles

Clearly you’ve never used Starstreak.

I briefly stopped playing my MiG-29s because of that and decided to get some grinding done with the TRAM instead. Yeah, well that’s now also not happening lol… Gaijin really needs to fix missiles ASAP. The radar missile one has been around for weeks at this point, while the 9L is newly afflicted.

edited to add some more pictures of a 27ER in this case. Pretty much happens every other match. The snail needs to get on top of this. NOW

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Same to me with Aim7m . They kinda usless for now.

is that a recent screenshot? I haven’t noticed it lately and thought they fixed it.

Yeap. This screeenshot is from today(29.11.2023)

BTW i have plenty of this. 99% of my AIM7M “works” for ME in that way. I got much more kills with aim54c than aim7.