Aim 7M performance in patch "Air Superiority"

I, as well as several others, have noticed that the Sparrows, particularly the Aim 7M are underperforming this patch when compared to previous itterations of the Aim 7M, similar issues with holding lock, missing shots they shouldn’t, and odd behavior such as refusing to track outright are present in most SARHs, but are most noticable on the Aim 7M.

Simply a thread to discuss the bugs affecting primarily the Aim 7M, what the cause might be, and potential information for a bug report.

They Skyflash is spreading, again.

yead, the problem lies with the radar and aim7 itself. PD lock intermittently like we see on UI, and aim7 rejects tracking if tracking is not continuous, r27er works better as it can accept intermittent tracking without doing anything stupid.