Aim-7 sparrows are broken!

So after the newest update the aim-7 sparrows are completely broken had 6 equipped all 6 go in different direction never once did I break lock with any of my locks for even a second but some reason they completely go wherever they wanna I don’t know what’s going on but there’s a lot of bugs in this game atm that make it unbearable to play Gajin please fix this you guys make a total of 26 million in revenue I’d expect a way better game especially for the money grab and Russian bias that it is thanks! Please show love to this post so they can resolve this mess


I saw somewhere € 120 million revenues…a while ago…

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Russian winrates are so bad that is why they nerve everything in america, like the sam rockets and even the sparrows to the point where they sometimes work it will get worse and worse

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Yea dudes it’s actually really annoying for already a dry game this makes it 10x worse my f-4j is basically dog shit useless now unfortunately

Fr, i play with the F-4S now and i have a clean lock, launch a missile and it goes to space or smth like that. If other players lauch a same missile at me it begins to do insane turns and never misses, nice rng gaijin.