AIM-7 issues

There appears to be a problem with the AIM-7. I lock a target and the missile launches, then either heads right into the ground or goes straight up into the sky. I have a radar lock. This is since the last update. I played the Mirage F1C-220 with the Super 530 F and it tracked straight and true with 2 kills in one match, so it isn’t the game as a whole or my computer.

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Can confirm this has been a major issue for at least a month. AIM-7F has a mind if it’s own, and it sounds like this issue may be prevalent on more than just the 7F from talking to others.

With PD lock in head on, the missile will do whatever it wants. My favorite drastic example was the missile doing an instant 180° turn and flying past me (how many Gs is that 😂). The common behavior at about 5-20km is for it to fly in random directions or arcs and then slam into the ground or disappear.

The R-24 and R-27 do not seem to be afflicted by this bug.

I did not have the requested evidence to complete a bug report before however. Seems to be a very widespread issue however.


Something else to note, with a standard SRC lock, I am experiencing more accurate performance. It’s obviously less able to maintain locks when chaffed/flared out.

The issue does still occur at random with SRC however. Another thing I noticed is that using HMD in the F-4S seems to also increase accuracy of the missile to some degree. ACM doesn’t have a noticable affect in either SRC or PD.

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Do you know if the R-60 or AIM-9L and M have been impacted. The R-13, Magic 1, Shafir seem to track pretty well, the R-60 AIM-9L and M seem to just fly off target. Not toward flares, but just run straight.

Can confirm skyflash dogfight/RB-71DF are doing that as well

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Hahaha my AIM-7 doing the same. Constant lock, PD mode, target going 600m/s towards me, 2 circles lock and my Sparrow just flying straight for 5 sec and then turn 90 degrees on random direction. It’s pretty flawed right now and seems like happen more often when near ground.


Not really a good set of missiles to compare. At least most of those are IR tracking missiles while the AIM-7F is a radar tracking missiles requiring a constant radar lock to reach it’s target.

Yes, AIM-7F seems to be bugged right now, mines are flying in a straight line or going directly to the ground, i’ve uploaded 2 clips showing this strange behavior.

AIM-7F Flying straight to ground after launching

AIM-7F Flying to ground again

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So I’m not crazy. On the JA37D the DF’s just keep going, as you say, straight up, or into the ground, regardless of angle, notching or chaff. Not always but almost every other game.