#Aim-54 lofting

With fox 3 testing event I noticed all the new missiles loft very well, so I suppose the coding for steeper lofting angles is done. Could you please consider increasing the lofting angle of the phoenix so that its effective range is superior then 30km? There are already many reports and documents that prove the phoenixes climbed a lot more than they do right now.


Babysteps as the 54 works fine

not at all its a shot in the dark if yo actually hit anything 95 % the time you don’t

remember the 54 was the first of its kind so don’t expect it to be perfect it

It was still an exceptional missile, and IRL it lofted a TON.

The record range shot had it lofting to an excess of 100,000 feet at a firing range of ~115 Nautical Miles iirc.

Its real shortcomings are its excessive size and HPRF seeker. It was absurdly expensive to use and produce, and its limited seeker meant it seriously struggled in rear-aspect shots.


Being the first of its kind doesn’t mean its worse. In fact its capability was never re-instated even with upgrades to Aim-120. If AIm-120C/D really is an equivalent to Aim-54, then US wouldn’t panic and Aim-260 won’t exist when China introduced PL-15, US only need to install dual pulse motor on Aim-120 as they had originally planned.