AIM-120 for JA-37D Viggen

Seeing as plenty of older airframes or low-performance aircraft, such as Harriers, F4 Phantoms and others, have been given Fox-3 missiles or other late loadouts like the Bison got, the JA-37D Viggen ought to be given its intended loadout even if it means a BR increase. It’s the entire purpose of the Viggen D built during the mid-'90s.

The Viggen C could be given the current Viggen D modifications, with the Draken F, J, and other Viggens taking up earlier BR ranges.

Gaijin, what gives? The Viggen is an object of worship in Sweden. Feed us!


You hopefully know that giving the viggen it’s Fox3s would move its BR up to like 12.3/7 from it’s current BR of 11.3. now do you really want that? I do not think so

I do not want the JA-37D nerfed with a higher BR over a missile.

The Sea Harrier is 12.0 with them, and I doubt it will do much worse at 12.0, given it faces 12.3 every match anyway. And it might even make it competitive, with usable radar missiles, and if they give it its accurate radar as per the report its flight model won’t be the best at 12.0, but I doubt it will be the worst given its still fairly agile, and decently fast and if gaijin really wants to be generous they could theoretically replace the 9L’s with 9M’s similar to what they did with the Gripen (although that aim 9M on a supersonic at 12.0 might be too strong)


I already wrote that I don’t care, Give it it’s historical main weaponry, It flying around with Skyflashes is a travesty that did not happen in real life.

They need to add a Viggen D “late” like they’ve done for the F3. Best solution for everyone


The current JA37D is what the C was irl, I don’t think gaijin updated the cockpit to what it should be. So I agree, make it an actual D version and give the C RB74 + BOL pods, then it’d be cool if they added an earlier variant at a br where it’s flight performance will actually be useful


There are so many inconsistencies in the Swedish tree, Where is the Draken F and J? Not giving the Viggen D it’s AIM-120A it was made for is beyond lame.


I agree the JA37D should get AIM-120 same with the F16A ADF in the U.S. and Italian tech tree along with the F16A MLU in the West Taiwanese tech tree.

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Or hear me out. Stop adding “Early” and “Late” versions of the aircraft just to give it different munitions unless it was a legitimate thing…

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Better solution is to give JA37D AMRAAMs, buff the JA37C to take the current position of the JA37D, and then introduce the J35J to take the new gap between J35D and JA37C



the way it is is fine. a j 35j to fill a gap that doesnt need to be made and doesnt exist is just bad.

there’s no need to change these. if gaijin wants to add a viggen with amraams they can add the Di which is just the D but with standard international values in the cockpit displays and iirc english writing.

Why add a third Viggen if the two existing Viggens are wrong in their weapons? The Viggen C we have is missing its Rb 74, and the Viggen D we have was specifically made to carry amraams. the only reason It was made was to have a bridge to the Gripen and have a jet with BVR. Adding a third Viggen won’t solve anything. It would just exasperate the issue of Gaijin adding the same plane 3 times and each time adding the upgrades of the previous iteration - In my view, not giving the D variant amraams removes the entire purpose of the variant. There is no point in having it in the game if it’s just a Viggen C.

I would be fine with adding a second version of the Viggen D, but only if it adds something that the other version doesn’t have. I would also say a second tech tree Draken, which has multiple improvements, is more interesting than a Viggen, adding nothing new.


I also wished they added the correct D cockpit.
Here is a picture of what the real D/Di cockpit looked like:

Id actually like if they added a small vismod for the D that makes it a “Di”. By that I mean you can install and uninstall the back antennas the Di had.


Explain your logic? Seems to me you just want to grief people for no reason.
A case of “I don’t want others to have toys they want just becaus they want them” at first glance.
I ofcourse hope im wrong.

Viggen it’s better than the F4 and harrier with aim 120. the swedens main need it.

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