AI vessels should not be able to fire with spawn protections still on

As the title says. In lots of maps, green water spawn point can directly see cap points.
So if you are trying to cap, an AI LCS spawns and it locks onto you, you are basically dead. LCS evaporates MTB/fast attack vessels in 10sec and there is nothing you can do.
This is just a bit unfair. I am actually OK with players doing this, but AI? Come on.


There’s spawn protection in Naval? I constantly see ships spawn in and get one shot because of bad map design and size. One of the main reasons I quit playing naval.

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Yes there are. About 10 seconds maybe? Very short for big ships to even align their guns

Maybe that’s why I don’t notice it. You basically fire from spawn to spawn and by time you aim and fire the 10 seconds are already up.

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