AH Mk.1 Apache

Does that not make the HMD a bit redundant then? I was excited to use it for the 30mm. I have tried the narrower arc but I still then need to change to gunner view to lock on the tank precisely for the missile to hit. Bit of a faff on controller, was hoping I could radar lock and yeet.

Edit: okay, when stationary the radar is pretty potent.

I was finally able to spawn a nuclear bomber without touching the ground vehicles. Couldn’t drop the bomb though, but that’s not really important anyway.


still waiting for Longbow hellfire for it

New cost 470,4\487,2\504\520,8.

Sad. I’ll miss games like this. Just air without boring ground.

Well… .Typical assymetrical nerfs. To make it fair, should have been ALL AAMs on Helis

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Another reason to play the top BR of the British tree Xddd

bruh… why did you torture yourself like this…


but somehow TY90 abomination still allow
god red players getting more disgusting day by day

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Almost as if TY-90 hasn’t been completely nerfed to ground.

TY-90s were nerfed?

They were nerfed many times in both flare resistance (along with other IR missiles like Stingers) and their maneuverability.
They can be easily flared from the front aspect, side aspect and some aircraft such as su-25, A-10, and basically anything with sh!t ton of flare can flare them from rear aspect. Also, jets with MAWs have been added and that also makes them way less effective. And something as maneuverable as Grippen can also easily dodge them.

as if starstreak didn’t get nerf no sorry never work at the begin with

I mean no one seems to care about unflarable TY-90s that basically make it nigh on unbearable to play counter-CAS when one of them exists.

This heli is useless now. The KA-52 can’t be tqrgeted with AAMs from other helis, and the starstreaks were the only equalizer, now the MK can’t even spawn with AAMs because of crying from some players. “boo-hoo, my light tank, boo-hoo it dominates other helis.” Guess what, every SPAA in the game at spawn can do those things as well, so stop SPAA from first spawns? Seriously, this game use to be about capabilities, not “balance.” When you make it about capabilities, then players need to get better. When you make it about balance, then that’s really just code for thr Russians will come out on top (238s, KA-52s, etc.). And now, the MK Apache has no defense in the air going from the best heli in game to the worst. Who is best now? Russia, of course.


You make it sound like his starstreaks were taken away from it altogether. The helicopter has not become weaker in its top form. It’s just become less variable. Sad, but not crucial.