AH-64Ai (AH-64A Upgrade)

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Today I’d like to introduce to you the what some people call the AH-64D Peten but wait isn’t the AH-64D the Saraph and the AH-64A the Peten??

In reality this is a modernization of the AH-64A into AH-64D configurations the helicopters that under went this modification became known as “AH-64i” many sites that list military aircraft even list them as AH-64D’s as the capabilities of the modified AH-64A’s (now AH-64Ai) are the same as the AH-64D except for a visual difference of a compartment that was added behind the gun to house new modern avionic equipment.

The upgrade also consisted of replacing some of the original wiring, computers and components with new ones.



This upgrade allowed the new upgraded apache to be able to fire Spike LR-2’s and Spike NLOS (fire and Forget)

Upgrades were cancelled only after a 10 or so modifications happened as the price to do the modification was too high to convert the whole fleet of AH-64A’s into AH-64Ai’s.

These upgrades were pursued after USA ceased the sale of the further AH-64D’s to Israel and Israel was looking to modernize/upgrade their helicopter and this upgrade was also to support Laser Guided Hydra 70 or the Canadian CRV7 (Might be CRV7-PG Laser Guided version).

There is a lot of modern political and controversial situations about the history of the vehicle in Israel so those are left out of the history part to be save and to conform to WarThunder rules about political topics. Please refrain from talking about political topics in the comments.

Specs (Assuming its the same as the AH-64A):

Length: 14.97 m
Main rotor diameter: 14.63 m
Height: 4.66 m
Weight (empty) 5.1 t
Weight (maximum take off) 9.5 t
Engines and performance
Engines: 2 x General Electric T700-GE-701C turboshafts
Engine power: 2 x 1 800 shp
Maximum speed; 293 km/h
Service ceiling; 6.4 km
Range: 428 km
Cannon: 1 x 30 mm M230 cannon with 1 200 rounds
Missiles: 16 x AGM-114A Hellfire anti-tank missiles (I’ve only seen 4-8 Hellfire’s mounted per helicopter), Spike NLOS, Spike LR II, GATR Laser guided rockets [Thanks to @Zucc_Boi for finding this source]
Other: 19-shot pods with Hydra 70 unguided rockets (actually not sure what/if Israel fields unguided rockets)