AH-1W Super Cobra: The Venomous Marine

The AH-1W Super Cobra is a later development of the twin-engined AH-1 Cobra, optimized for service with the U.S. Marines. This helicopter will soon be available as part of the next major update in two trees!

AH-1W Super Cobra: An Attack Helicopter for the USA and China at Rank VI


  • Twin-engine design.
  • Effective ordnance options.
  • Thermal vision device.
  • Good maneuverability.
Vehicle History

As the AH-1 Cobra entered service with the Army, the USMC expressed their interest in acquiring Cobras for their own use. However, these Cobras would have to be twin-engined and possess a more capable primary armament to meet the Marines’ service requirements. Despite initial hesitation from the Department of Defense, the Marines received the go-ahead and proceeded with awarding Bell with a contract to produce 49 AH-1J Sea Cobras in May 1968.

Similarly to the Army, the USMC also perceived the AH-1 as an interim vehicle, until a more suitable replacement could be found. Whilst this replacement would come to the Army in the form of the AH-64 Apache, the USMC’s request to upgrade their fleet with a naval version of the Apache would be met with disapproval by the Congress in 1981, thus forcing the Marines to look into other options. The decision was therefore made to upgrade the existing fleet with new AH-1W Super Cobras, which featured an improved fire control system and the ability to carry more advanced ordnance.

Meet the AH-1W Super Cobra!

The AH-1W Super Cobra is coming to the American and Chinese helicopter tree in the Alpha Strike major update! Today, we’ll talk about what advantages its different engine gives, plus its expanded arsenal of ordnance options compared to the AH-1F. Let’s take a look!

The first and most visible difference of the AH-1W is its different engine setup. Instead of being powered by a single Lycoming T53 engine, this helicopter is powered by two General Electric T700-GE-401C turboshaft engines. This allows it to reach a slightly higher top speed of over 280 km/h in level flight!

Download Wallpaper:

There’s some additions to the AH-1W’s weaponry options. Firstly, it’s able to fire two AIM-9L air-to-air missiles, which are excellent against aircraft that may be trying to destroy you while you attempt to take out ground vehicles. In addition to Mighty Mouse rockets, the AH-1W can carry Zuni rocket pods as well, plus up to 4 x 20 mm cannons on wing pylons. And lastly, there’s anti-tank guided missiles in the form of the famous TOW-2 with a launch range of about 4 km, and the AGM-114B Hellfire air-to-ground missile that has great penetration and a launch range up to 8 km. In total, 8 of them can be mounted on this helicopter.

That wraps today’s blog! The AH-1W Super Cobra will soon be coming to the USA and China’s helicopter tree in the Alpha Strike major update, which is almost ready for release! Until that happens though, fun battles ahead!

You can greatly speed up the research of the AH-1W Super Cobra with this pack:

AH-64A Apache Pack

The Kit Includes:
  • AH-64A Apache (USA, Rank VI)
  • Premium account for 15 days
  • 2000 Golden Eagles



Give us Sim Heli PvE!


Pretty cool. Was hoping for them to show off the CV9035s but I’ll take it.


I wish I was good in helicopters they seem cool but I can’t fly them

Does either the M197 (Turret) or GPU-2/A ( podded M197) have access to the Mk. 149 Mod 0 20mm APDS, or just the regular load of M50 series ammo?

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Will the Taiwanese AH-1W actually get its proper loadout? cmon make it somewhat unique.


About time we get zunis on a heli. Also nice to have hellfires at a lower BR, with AGM-65F/G on the A-7 it seems 10.7 USA may be back

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are they coming with this update?

I would like to think so. I do not know for certain unfortunately. At least for the CV9035NL, it is quite needed imo. Still no IFV for france, and if it is a squadron vehicle it would be a great addition. We will have to see if we get them this patch.

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Are we going to get a heli mode actually worth playing, one where we can actually get RP to research them and get RP for modifications? Until then I have no reason to care about helicopters.


This release just feels boring to me. Others seem to be excited about it though. I’ll still probably end up going after it lol.

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Wait you want netherlands CV90 in france?

According to Olivia’s leaks, the CV9035NL was in development and was intended for the French TT. We will see today when the update comes if itll be in this update. If not likely next. I personally dont think there is a need for a sub tree for france. Afterall, it is the 2nd largest military industry in the world today. However for a Squadron vehicle, it would be a welcome vehicle imo. Especially since the only IFV for france really is the VBCI, which to say the least is controversial.

The NL should either go into benelux TT, or as subtree for germany seeing as in the present day to my knowledge some units fall under bundeswehr command. Definetively not france.

If not either of those, spread out NL vehicles between the country of origin (ie. Cv9035 for sweden).

France should get its own designs or belgian stuff.

I agree france is lacking in IFVs.

Also how is VBCI controversional, beside being premium?

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The German tree doesnt need a sub tree either. Simple as that it is already one if the most well built trees. Furthermore no one is saying they are adding a Dutch sub tree to France. According to the leaks, the CV9035NL was in development in one way or another for France. My money is one squadron, since France doesnt need a sub tree, it just needs some attention for gaijin to add their actual vehicle.
The VBCI isnt a french vehicle per se. It has a french chassis, but its turret was made by a russian engineer to be used by UAE, and other gulf states. Ultimately that project failed.
Gaijin has so many options to add proper French IFVs, yet they made that premium.

Which is why the CV9035NL is also a poor choice imo, however if it comes as a Squadron vehicle either in this patch, or the next, it will fill a hole that needs to be filled.

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