Agusta/TAI T129 P3

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Description: The T129 P3 is the third Italian T129 prototype made and owned by the Italian company Agusta. The T129 program started back in 2007 when the Turkish company TAI made an agreement with the Italian company Agusta-Westalnd to co-develop a new version of the A129 attack helicopter for the Turkish armed forces. At the start, a total of 8 prototypes were planned; the first 3 would have been built in Italy by Agusta Westland, and the last 3 would have been built in Turkey by TAI. The first prototype, the Italian P1, made its first flight in 2009. The prototypes were used mainly to test the flight characteristics of the helicopter, the armaments, and the avionics. Unfortunately, one year after the first flight, P1 crashed in 2010, and Agusta made a new unit designated P7 to replace the previous loss. Apparently there was also another prototype after P7 and P8. There is no background on this unit, and it is unclear when and why it was created. About this one in particular, the P3, it made its first flight in 2012, and it was mainly used to test the helicopter’s capability. It was seen again in 2017 when it was displayed in a Leoanrdo’s facility for an event. It was then caught again in 2019 and 2020 when it was conducting flight tests. Unlike its previous brothers that were sent to the Turkish armed forces (P2) or destroyed (P1), it is very likely that this one is still at the Lenardo facility at Vergiate since there are no proofs or documents that state that it was moved elsewhere.

Why it should be in game: it will be a good addition to the Italian tt as a premium or a squadron veichle. It could also be the top tier after the P1 in an hypotetical second attack heli line made by A129 prototypes that someone proposed in the past.






• M197 20mm Three Barrel Rotary-Cannon
Secondary Armament:
Unguided Rockets:
• Mighty Mouse 70mm Folding-Fin Aerial Rockets
• CRV7 70mm Folding-Fin Unguided Ground Attack Rockets
• Hydra 70 70mm Folding-Fin Unguided Ground Attack Rockets
Air to Air Missiles:
Air to Ground Guided Missiles:
• AGM-114A Hellfire
• AGM-114B/C Hellfire
• AGM-114K Hellfire II
• Spike ER1


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Seems good +1 wouldn’t mind seeing it as a Squadron


Italian Squadron vehicle?

Love the orange and white



no flare no life… it is similar with a129p so not needed

Those can be added with no problems

not needed it will not give much difference so there are some different characteristic helies made by italy. those will give much happiness to players (aw249 like s60)

+1 i would love to play it

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The AW249 suggestion could be made now, it had its first flight 2 years ago

You should suggest it

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No, It has not been Armed yet

+1, squadron would be perfect

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