Agusta A109 AT

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Description: The Agusta A109 AT was the first ever armed version of the Agusta A109 Hirundo. The A109 story started back in the 1960s, when the Italian company Agusta was experimenting with various designs and prototypes. One of those projects, designated A109, was chosen as the most promising amongst all, and from 1969 on, a good number of resources were used for its development. In 1971, the company was assembling the first A109 in a civilian configuration. It was first used for ground testing, and in December of the same year, it performed its first flight. After a minor accident during the various flight tests, the tests were continued on the second prototype from the start of 1972. The first military unit was the third one, which flew for the first time one year later, followed by the last civilian prototype. The Italian Air Force then ordered a total of 5 units for evaluation in a new configuration called the AT (Anty Tank). This variant was fitted with a targeting optic on the nose and two pilons to equip different weapons like various TOW anty tank missile variants, machinegun pods, and unguided rifles. Among the five units ordered by the Italian army, two were in this new configuration. The A109 AT was mostly used to train the future pilots for the later variants called A109 EOA1 and 2 (the ones in game), and at the end, it was used for the missile training on the new A129 Mangusta pilots. The A109A and AT, along with the EOA1 and 2 variants, served for over 45 years. Some of them were made monuments, some of them were put into museums, but most of them were desmantled or abandoned.

Why it should be in the game: It will bring to the Italian TT a new anty tank helicopter that altought is similar to the one alredy in game, this one has a better optic (the same as the Mangusta first version) and get some different weapons.



Rotor diameter: 10.83 m
Length: 12.93 m
Height: 3.42m
Rotor surface area: 81.39 m2
Empty weight: 1592 kg
Maximum take-off weight : 2850 kg
Maximum speed: 285 km/h
Hovering ceiling in ground effect: 4.672 m
Maximum range: 700 km
Crew: 2-4
Passengers: up to 6



Gun Pods:
2x FN M3P 12. 7 mm machinegun
2x FN M3P 12.7 mm machinegun + 6 FFAR Mighty mouse 70 mm rokets
4x TOW-2A
4x TOW-2B
4x I-TOW
4x TOW-2
28x FFAR Mighty Mouse 70 mm rokets
92x AEREA 51 mm rokets
112x AEREA 51 mm rokets
56x AEREA 51 mm rokets
88x Type 68-22 rokets
44x Type 68-12 rokets
28x SNIA 2 inch rokets
Door Machinegun:
2x 12.7 mm browning machinegun
2x 7.62 mm machinegun



Agusta A-109 "Hirundo" helicopter - development history, photos, technical data
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Radiati gli A.109 dell'Aviazione dell'Esercito | Aviation Collectables Company






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Obvious Italian heli is obvious

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