AGM spam!

You can’t play the attack mode normally because they spam AGM ground missiles destroying all the planes. There is no point in playing this mode with Br 6.7-11 planes because you won’t even be able to fly in and all of them are already destroyed. More brs should be added to this mode 7.7 .8.7 .9.7 .10.7


Are you referring to the heli gamemode?

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i think he means the Air Assault mode
in which waves of bombers and strike planes
try to destroy your base, and you defend that base

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And people are using air to ground missiles, and that somehow ruins the gameplay?

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rockets that are used to destroy ground targets, kill most of the planes during air attack

They kill 5-6 planes at once with rockets to ground cells

look at this 82 kiil all using ground-based AGM missiles which, when fired in the air, destroy most of the planes during the attack, the guy uses a loophole in the game