After nerf AGM-65D is useless on SQB. Tanks which are centrally hitted - survive it and almost nothing happened to them. AGM-65G are cool but are very heavy and there are only two.

AGM-65D: 850mm pen, 50kg mass of TNT, why Gaijin, why??

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What’s a nerf? When was it?

Daily reminder that this is what an RPG-7 impact point looks like:

and this is what an AGM-65D impact looks like:

The AGM-65’s are bad by design. Its Gaijins handholding of Russia by making HE munitions extremely powerful (suprise suprise, most russian ground attack munitions are HE warheads), while making HEAT warheads significantly underperform (suprise suprise, most NATO ground attack munitions are HEAT warheads).

Gaijin knows their modelling is wrong, they don’t care, and will never fix it.


Can you share the source?