AGM-65B Issue?

So prior to Alpha Strike, using the A10A, I could launch AGM-65Bs at +10km. Sure they took forever to get to their target, but I could successfully lock and fire. Now with Alpha Strike I’m lucky if I can lock at 5km. I’m talking clear weather, tank in the open, everything. Stat card still says 23km launch range.

Any suggestions? Is this a bug?

23km mean it can fly 23km, but most time, it means nothing, the seeker will say no. AGM-65B in datamine has 12km vehicle lock range and 12km ground lock range. 12 is only a parameter not actually mean 12km. In actually use, the seek can lock a vehicle in about 5km if the weather is good. actual lock range of ground will be longer. In this update, gaijin separated vehicle lock mode and ground lock mode, you can check the official DEV thread.
So, in old time, you can launch because you lock on ground, now, you need to click once more to lock on ground.

-snip - need to try before.

all tv guided missle have same bug

I’ve just experinced the same issue.
Is there a bug report?