AGM-65B doesnt lock nor fire


I have a problem with the AGM-65 Missles , i wanted to order the A-10 Premium but while testing the missles , i see that they dont work

I manage to lock a target but its not locking it and i cant fire the air-to-ground missle

Any help or is this a bug ?

The missile uses TV seeker, a camera. It does not lock and fire as it cant see the targets in the dark. If you did the same thing during the day there would be no problem at all.


Hi , thanks for your reply

I just tried with day mode and it works , so they wont work on night time ?

Nope. The only maverick that can be used in the dark is the IR guided (like the D and G) or laser guided (like the C and E).

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Thanks for reply comrade.

Issue solved