AGM-65B are almost unusable, can't unlock from wrong target?

It’s been a really frustrating day, I wanted to play WT before work starts again and I was looking forward to playing the Premium A-10A but half the day the Maverick missiles have been completely unusable in ground realistic and it’s not that they just have difficulty locking on in shadow. For some reason now most of the time I can’t relock them, when its first aimed at an area close to players or lots of dead ones, I can’t use the lock bottom to unlock and reposition sight in ~50% of the cases today, it’s just stuck to the same place no matter how many times I press the lock bottom and if I cancel the lock the seeker head will go back to neutral meaning I loose orientation, it’s been so frustrating because I lose focus on flying so I get too close to the battle field and get shot down quite a few times. The last half of my play time today, it’s been completely impossible to use the Mavericks to kill anything, I simply can’t relock the sight and have to turn away so only dropping bombs could get me any kills. And if I could unlock it the action is so delayed that I often had pressed the button twice to make sure I pressed which just resulted in no shot and a lot of wasted time. So frustrating.


You got it to lock? when i tinkered with it in test flight i couldnt even use it to lock on to targets lol

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