AGM-123 functionally unusable due to autopilot nosing down off the rail

So its a neat weapon and a possible great upgrade, however the moment the AGM-123 comes off the rail it nosedives hard rather than holding a flat attitude, combine that with the TGP’s laser acquisition box flat out lying, stating that it can acquire the target out to 49200 FT, or 15km, as even in the square it wont acquire until 4km, this weapon is just flat out worthless.

It frankly almost feels like using normal LGBs without the booster is more effective as you get CCIP with them and not the AGM-123.


Example of such a situation, TGP states that the missile is within tracking parameters, instead the missile chose to nosedive straight off the aircraft and slam into the ground a few hundred meters short of the 2S6 without acquiring a track to begin with.


[DEV]AGM-123’s TGP information does not align with performance // // Issues

Bug report is up for at least the TGP guidance indicator although it should be tracking of the rail at 15km.

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I don’t get how Gaijin can keep adding ASM’s yet they are just unusable every single time


Paveway II in game should have a better seeker


While 4.9 km is a nice bump it still would not solve the issue of the system falling like a rock off the rail.

The FOV bump would probably help the most in the grand scheme of things.

So as of now the missile supposedly received the ability to loft, yet does not actually loft on dev as it cannot loft without acquiring the target.

However the AGM-123 did get rocket CCIP which at least makes it somewhat usable at range, however, it’s seeker FOV + speed on approach make it seldom acquire the target at actual long ranges.

This thing is just completely useless, anytime I take a shot over 5km they go nose down or just miss the target. Within 5km they still miss the target but the AA from the ships tear me apart. How come it’s so hard for Gaijin to make ASM’s work before adding them in.

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