AGM-123 for A-7

I requested the addition of the AGM-123 to all A-7 variants since they were capable of carrying the armament. The American CAS has been suffering greatly since the HEAT missiles lost Overpressure, with the Mavericks hitting light tanks and causing minimal damage. On the other hand, Soviet missiles with HE payload can destroy everything they hit.
In addition to the power of the AGM boosters needing to be reviewed, it has a range of 15km but if launched in a straight line, even at high altitudes they simply cannot reach 4km, simply falling off target.


The booster is not the issue present, its the fact that the missile chooses to nose down directly after launching, combine that with the seeker not acquiring the target for a very long distance and you have a missile that is quite unusable.

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Don’t worry, No overpressure just a bug. And in dev server,All AGM-65 using HEAT warheads have new damagemodel. It call “heavy HEAT warhead”. In general,the damage has increased.


The A-7 cannot self designate targets. So the Skipper would be useless.
Maybe they could add the Nite Hawk pod that was tested on it to fix that issue.
A better solution is to give it 4x AGM-65Fs, which are just a copy of the 65G. It would make it super viable again and not that hard to balance with separate BRs.