AGM-123 for A-7(all variants)

I requested the addition of the AGM-123 to all A-7 variants since they were capable of carrying the armament. The American CAS has been suffering greatly since the HEAT missiles lost Overpressure, with the Mavericks hitting light tanks and causing minimal damage. On the other hand, Soviet missiles with HE payload can destroy everything they hit.
In addition to the power of the AGM boosters needing to be reviewed, it has a range of 15km but if launched in a straight line, even at high altitudes they simply cannot reach 4km, simply falling off target.


Go make a bug report

As much as I would like this, I don’t see the point… yet at least. The skipper requires laser designation, and none of the A-7s can do that themselves.

There is good news, seems that Gaijin is trying to improve the damage of the mavericks at least in the upcoming update by introducing a new damage preset just for them. It doesn’t fix all its problems tho.

Anyways, considering the Skipper doesn’t work right now for the A-7 until buddy lasing becomes a thing, I think the A-7E at least could get the AGM-65Fs that it is missing. That would give it some long range capability with good damage. Though depending on how many it can carry, I imagine it can carry up to 6x (5x with LANA flir), the same amount as the walleyes, it might warrant a hefty BR increase however, so maybe we should just wait for the A-6E SWIP or something.

I don’t believe it would bring any increase in br. Since other aircraft in the 10,7 already carry this type of weaponry. What doesn’t make sense at the moment is keeping them in this BR as they are slow planes that don’t have any long range cargo.

the A7s def need an upgrade to their weaponry, there is no real reason to grind and spade them nowadays from a competitiveness POV

They get all aspect missiles the A7K carries two AIM9Ls is currently 10.7 and would get these also

A-7K its a event vehicle, you cant base only on this, we talk about line vehicles

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It should be submitted to suggestion section of forum or the Issue site, they normally just ignore the discussion session.

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Please do not make a bug report. I swear 99% of players dont know what a bug is.

You go to the issues page, make a report and that’s It.

Yeah. And file it as a suggestion. Not a bug.

The tech mods are the ones who forward it as a suggestion.

Someone already did, and suprise surprise it got denied because the Skipper requires laser designation, which the A-7 can’t do by itself.

Why not? It being a event vehicle changes nothing the A7K gets AGM65Bs and two AIM9Ls the A7E doesnt instead of getting AGM 62 walleye tv guided glide bomb with a much shorter range

Bug reports can be for historical inaccuracies it literally states that if you’ve ever bug reported However, 80% of the time they will ignore it and if you question the moderators and make the same report, clarifying what you mean because a lot of them are native English speakers you’ll get banned for making the same report twice if it wasnt a misunderstanding