Again the problem with the AMD gpus

EVERY PATCH the AMD users SUFFER from the same thing… every patch … please GAIJIN take some care to the 50% of the players that use AMD gpus …
my eyes still hurts after the artifacts that have no sense … to be in the game.

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Same here. 6900xt. Can’t play, constant crashes.

idk im on a 6650xt and its always been working fine cept for the start cause of amd software

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is fixed new patch 114 mb

i have 7600xt … and i got every single bug …

Same here. Now gamma is wrong, but way worse is the crashes… with their “artifact fix” the game crashes constantly. Been playing for years, on a 6900xt and on a rx480 before.


lel yea amd seems to like falling prey to that, i mean before i updated i got the game manually updated ??? maybe that has influenced something but idk, ive never had any issue w wt specifically on this gpu

yeah, odd

thats new!