Afterburning jets facing props is peak WT experience

F89 being 7.0 and being essentialy unkillable by planes it routinely faces is hilarious. Thing can just take off, cruise around the map, get attacked by a few people, not get hit once, because past 400m it’s already outrunning MG151/20 even if you are going 700km/h while firing at him and voila.

My aim is far from good. OK, I understand, I have good results, but I’m not great at aiming. But the fact that from 400m away I was just simply not able to land ANYTHING was hilarious.
And I meet F89 every 2nd game in Ta-152H. So it’s not like some rare event. I’m fully expected to kill this thing. GL HF.
It’s the same story as BI, except this one will just run straight and spam his rockets.
Extreme fun.
Actually pure pay2win, but what do I expect from modern WT.

What’s funny is that both the F-89B and F-89D Scorpion jets were up in BR a few years back. (both 7.7). Then not long after they nerfed the F-89D’s VT-fuze rockets (which it never had historically since they were radio fuze) and after a few unpopular yearly sales for them specifically. So then I assume they moved them both back down in BR to 7.0 recently to incentivize more players to buy them.

Absolutely gross and disgusting premium vehicle I agree.

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Ironically the only thing that can kill it is another equally under br’d premium (Su-11)