After my account was stole I found it was banned by Gaijin because of Cheating

ive been banned because of recently Cheating issues ,now i have a question ,because I have already submit a request and clearly said my account was stole by a stranger, Today I found my account was banned in the reason of “cheating”. I asked supporter for help but they just answer" Decision regarding your account is final" without any help.

In that case. Rest in peace.

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Yeah those type of bans stays even if the accounts get stolen
Steam operates under similiar rules if your account gets stolen and used for scams and cheating

Most launchers/games tend to go with “your account, your responsibility” which means anything that happens on said account while stolen is still on you

You do realize that anyone can “clearly say” this…even if not true. I don’t know how support checks, but if the player saying “it wasn’t me, i was hacked” was proof enough, then it would be very easy to cheat…

Anyhow…if support can’t help you, then nobody here in forum can.

If you have any “proof” it wasn’t you that you forgot to submit, you might try another contact with support…however, usually when a support service uses the word “final” it will not reopen the case (and for sure they will not if you don’t have some kind of evidence that shows it wasn’t you). Good Luck.