After Alpha Strike, air to ground and air to air weapon are messed up

1: I’m currently using selected weapon mode.
I bind the weapon lock (air-to-ground) and weapon lock (air-to-air) into a same key.

Before alpha strike update, when selected only AGM and press the weapon lock key, it just only turn on the seeker of the AGM
After alpha strike update, selected AGM and press the weapon lock, it turn on both the AGM and AIM (air-to-air) seeker, this is very annoying.

will they have another button setting of weapon lock which used only for the weapon was selected?

2: The new AGM weapon lock mechanism, when pressing the weapon lock (air-to-ground), a box will appear for you at 3rd view, but it’s does not disappear when press the weapon lock again and the AGM alway show at PWR, is it a bug or a feature?

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i have a friend with the same issue. i would submit a bug report.

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I’m intent to make a bug report when i get home, but it would be great if you could make a bug report now, if gaijin acknowledge the bug as soon as possible, they may fix it soon