After 2 months of grinding, The General Dynamics F-111A by Gaijin

I finally unlocked the F-111A after SL and RP struggles (mind you, my latency is 230ms). I have to play late because of internet traffic.

I find the Gaijin version of the VARK so:

  • Overhyped
  • Innept
  • Underwhelming

It flies smooth, but it feels like General Dynamics is hard selling their project to the US Air Force and is making up for the lack of strategic value. Even the skin used was the one deployed in Vietnam for which I was extremely ecstatic about, thinking it’s a production model. Gaijin should have used the white pre-production colours so it’s lack of features should be expected. I was hoping Gaijin coded the AN/APQ-146 terrain-following radar but was disappointed to learn that they put in radar that does not even work in conjunction with at least an AIM-7M. You can still fly mote manually, but it seriously feels like jerking the stick up and down; and Gaijin could have at least pre-installed AIM-9Js instead of AIM9-Bs which is BR9 on BR11 rated heavy bomber.

I was also hoping that when the ordinance on wing tips are expended, Gaijin would have coded that the auto-wing sweep will now take over so as to expedite the exfil of the aircraft in the hostile area. But… meh.

Notice anything in this picture?

That thing underneath the fuselage… it works.