AFT09 Crosshair is off-center

For some reason i couldn’t create a bug report, so i am posting it here.
The AFT09s crosshair is not aligned with the circle. This started happening after “La Royale”

As you can see, the crosshair is clearly off-centered
So if anyone could create a bug report, that would be greatly appreciated

This is because the vehicle is tilted on the ground. I’ve also noticed this on the VAB or the Wiesel TOW.

I dont know if its normal.

In case of doubts, you can submit a bug report on that site:

(Log with your GJ logs).

I don’t think it’s because it’s tilted. Here is a picture I took in the test drive for the AFT09
also, for some reason, I couldn’t create a bug report. It just showed me an error.

look better, you are slightly tilted to the left ;) the terrain is not flat at the test drive spawn.

That curious …

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Maybe it is because I’m tilted, but I’m also wondering if this behavior is intentional, as it was fine before the La Royale. Possibly gaijin just likes to mess up Chinese vehicles. I guess we’ll never know.

It is not only chinese. I said i see same on Wiesel TOW and VAB MEPHISTO … I think it is missiles launcher vehicles.

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Yes, I know. I didn’t mean that this was only relevant to the AFT09. But gaijin has a history of not implementing Chinese vehicles properly.

Same for french vehicles x)

But “don’t worry”, its not focus on chinese missiles.

Many missiles had broken since the update La Royale.

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Only thing we can do is hope that gaijin makes missiles a little easier to use. The state of some missiles are unusable, I used to enjoy ATGM launchers, but now they are not as effective. Almost better off bringing an MBT or an IFV now. :(

Unreal how this issue hasn’t been fixed yet.
ADATs m113, ITO, AFT09, etc. Esssntially any vehicle with solely a missile launcher as its main weapon is completely broken, especially if you’re on hilly terrain.

Shooting down planes when my crosshair is so far off centre when I zoom in, it’s not even on screen is insane.

@Smin1080p any idea of when this’ll be resolved? ATGM carriers are actually unusable.