Aérospatiale SA 342L Gazelle - Developed in France, Operated by Syria and Captured by Israel

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✡︎ Aérospatiale SA 342L Gazelle



SA.342 Gazelle is a multi-purpose light attack helicopter developed by the French company Aerospatiale based on the multi-purpose SA.341 Gazelle helicopter. The helicopter was exported to many countries in the world, including Syria.
Syria has purchased 38 Gazelle helicopters, which were widely used by the Syrian Air Forces during the First Lebanon War to assist ground forces, mainly against Israeli armored forces. The Syrians claimed the destruction of 30 Israeli tanks at the cost of losing five helicopters, Israel, in its turn, claimes that seven tanks were destroyed in comparison to 12 destroed helicopters. During the battle of Ein Zahalta, on June 8, 1982, two Syrian Gazelle helicopters managed to delay the advance of the 500th Brigade’s special forces and damage a tank that blocked the axis for several hours.


Syrian SA.342L (١٣٣٥ (1335)) damaged and abandoned, southern Lebanon.


During the First Lebanon War, the Syrians lost a number of Gazelle helicopters that were damaged and abandoned in southern Lebanon. After examining the condition of the helicopters, it was decided at the Air Force headquarters to rescue two of them and bring them to Israel, whose condition was assessed as relatively good. Air maintenance worked hard to restore one of the helicopters within 17 days, with the aim of having it participate in the air show on Air Force Day. After hard work, helicopter was used and participated in the air show of 1982. Some time after the second helicopter was also restored and both helicopters had the symbols of the Israeli Air Force painted right next to the symbols of the Syrian Air Force. Both helicopters served in the Air Force until it was decided to take them out of service due to maintenance difficulties and lack of spare parts. One helicopter was transferred to the Air Force Museum in the Hatzrim and the other was sold in 2004 to the “Khim Nir” company and was used, among other things, for routine work for the electric company. The helicopter was later sold to a Hungarian company, which transferred it to South Africa.


Captured SA.342L (١٣٣٣ (1333)) being restored at air base, Israel


Captured SA.342L (١٣٣٣ (1333)) with both israeli and Syrian markings, Israel

Potential for War Thunder

Gazelle is a fast and agile helicopter, small profile of which makes it possible to break into enemy lines and take the enemy tanks by surprise with four HOT missiles wich are very good at destroing tanks .

This helicopter can fill out the role of an low tier premium atack helicopter to support the 8.7 / 9.0 / 9.3 lineup.

General characteristics:

Rotor diameter - 10.5 m

Length - 9.52 m

Height - 2.96 m

Weight ( Empty) - 850 kg,

Weight (Max. loaded) - 1,700 kg.


Engine - Turbomeca Astazou XIVM

Engine power - 858 hp

Max. speed - 143 knots ( 264 km/h or 164 ml/h )

Cruise - 129 knots ( 238 km/h or 148 ml/h )

Climb rate - 1,218 ft./sec ( 371 m./sec )

Ceiling - 16,730 ft

Range - 650 km ( 391 ml )


4x HOT anti-tank missiles


Captured SA.342L (١٣٣٣ (1333)) note that the original camouflage is different from the museum paintjob.


Captured SA.342L (١٣٣٣ (1333)) at Hatzrim Air Force museum right next to IAI Lavi fighter jet, Israel

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+1 would be a great addition! Could be a nice alternative to the MD-500


Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.

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