Admiral hipper

Whys the admiral hipper at a 6.0? im constantly facing off 7.0 battleships and getting ammo racked in one salvo, happened in 3 games consistently
Please move the hipper back to 5.7, it was fine dueling cruisers of the same BR and now its just constant uptiers/ vs helena spams and battleships that just chuck the hipper off the map in a few minutes

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Its fine at 6.0.

The 7.0 BB/BC’s could use decompressing upwards, but there’s no reason to undertier the Hipper at 5.7 again.

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Because some whiney players didn’t like facing it at 4.7

It is grossly over-rated at 6.0 - it no way compares to the likes of Fargo for example.

But even at 5.7 you would still be getting ammo-racked by 6.7 BB’s - that much of your argument is specious.


Dunno, its just no 6.0 BR. Its clearly worse than other 6.0 cruisers.

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I hope it becomes 5.7 again so that I get downtiers more frequently in my 6.7 BBs, it’s a win-win for everyone