Admirable Class Minesweeper "Yong Sheng"

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Admirable Class Minesweeper

Yong Sheng



The USS Lance (AM-257) was a minesweeper of the Admirable class that was constructed for the U.S. Navy during World War II. Its primary purpose was to clear minefields in offshore waters and it operated in the Atlantic Ocean. The ship’s construction began on October 26, 1942 at the American Shipbuilding Co. in Cleveland, Ohio. It was launched on April 10, 1943 and sponsored by Ens. Josephine D. Cunningham, W-V (S) USNR. The USS Lance was officially commissioned on November 4, 1943. Following its service with the U.S. Navy, the ship was transferred to China on August 28, 1945 under the Lend-Lease Act. It continued its service with the Chinese Navy under the name Yong Sheng.

The Ship was delivered to China in 1948, and was originally numbered No.28, but later in her life was renumbered to No.43

Originally Serviced in the First Coastal Defense Fleet, which was abolished shortly after it was created, and then served in the First Fleet of the Navy.

She would go on to serve for the ROCN for many years, Patrolling the Seas for enemy threats. The Yong Sheng never saw any combat, and was decommissioned on the 17th of July, 1972.

Technical Data


Crew - 104

Displacement - 650 Tons

Length - 56.24 m

Beam - 10 m

Draft - 2.97 m

Propulsion - 2 x ALCO 539 Diesel Engines (1.3 MW) Farrel-Birmingham single reduction gear; 2 shafts

Speed - 14.9 Knots

Armor - Unknown



1 x 3"/50 76m Cannon

2 x 40mm Bofors L/60 Cannons (Twin Mount)

1 x Hedgehog Anti Submarine Mortar (24 Rounds)

2 x K-Gun Depth Charge Launchers



Screenshot 2024-04-19 104027


The Yung Sheng before being renumbered No.43



(Book) 民国海军舰船志 1938-1945

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