Addition of SARH missiles and replacement of 9L's with IRCCM ones for rank 8+ planes

What about SHar FA2?

Its 12.3 so by that breakdown would be 9Ls not 9Ms. But cannot use SARH so doesnt have that option.

Should it get 9Ms or be DOA in a stock state?


In the case of the Sea Harrier (as with other aircraft tagged “attacker”/ BR’d based on armament, not airspeed), it should receive a pair of more competitive AAMs (as with the SU-22M3).

There are a number of aircraft which rely on AAMs to establish control over the battlefield due to inferior speed for their BR (i.e. A-10, SU-25, Harriers), in which case they can receive higher tier aams at a lower BR.

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J-8F can carry PL-8 on some pylons as a special exception treatment for PL-12 not currently carried.
In order for the J-8F to become a truly complete and historically accurate fighter with the PL-12, this special treatment must be erased, J-8F have to fight with PL-5B.
Also, the performance of the J-8F remains lower than the current 12.3 fighters, and the increase in MAWS-equipped 13.0 fighters is a headwind for non-IRCCM.
BR12.3~12.7 jet’s bottom match has no limit on the number of BR 13.0 jets , Until the TOP BR rises to 13.3 with the J-8F BR remaining unchanged or the J-8F rises to 12.0 I am hard pressed to be convinced :3

Oh, sure , this is a J-8F ww
Please provide appropriate images next time .

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You are WHAT pressed now? 😭

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