Addition of Discarding Sabot effect to ammunition that has it

Would you like the Discarding Sabot effect to be added to War Thunder?
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So in War Thunder we have some number of types of Discarding Sabot ammunition, such as APFSDS, APDS and few other to name. Point is that in-game we do not see the Discarding Sabot leave the barrel, while realistically (slow-motion youtube video of a Discarding Sabot) speaking it is supposed to be there. It is also displayed in the ammunition animation when hover over any DS type shell.
My addition to the game would be to add this graphical effect, that when firing any shell that has Discarding Sabot. That it will be trully displayed leaving the barrel and scattering around the battlefield. It would introduce a more realistic concept of APFSDS, APDS and other DS ammunition. Obviously for game-sake and performance it be smart to give it a existence time of about 10-30 seconds and add a option to disable the effect in the graphical settings if people dislike it or experience fps loss.
Iā€™m looking forward to peoples opinions and other suggestion revolving around this topic, and it be nice to see this added.

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