Addition of a lebanese subtree to france

There should be a lebanese subtree in france (since lebanon was a french mandate). Its a very diverse techtree in air and ground and would add a few unique vehicles like the blue sherman , semi-historical mig-29 and a bomber version of the hunter(ex-trainer) and the possible new addition of new aircraft like the Fouga Magistère and A-29 Super Tucano


. If this subtree wouldn’t be added atleast have a historical camo for the hunter F.6 or mirage IIIE and a semi historical camo for all mig-29(9-12/13) airframes

OH PLEASE NO. I already want to bang my head against my desk every time I see F-16s in the French tree so I don’t know what I’m going to do if we add Mig-29s. Camouflages are plenty sufficient, there is REALLY no need to add planes which have no connection with France (the BENELUX is already too many and which, what’s more, are really not unique


I dont feel like France could really use these nor do they really fit. Dont get me wrong im down for every tree to have X and X but i dont really see most of these being all to useful, we have quite a bit thanks to Bene- my bad, Belgium (and the Netherlands…). Also i feel if they did add another nation it would be exclusively premium.


Isn’t this mostly going to be US and USSR copy paste?

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Some british, but yes

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There are british, american, french, italian, soviet and brazillian planes in this proposed subtree. The fouga magistère and A-29 super toucano vould be introduced with this subtree.(there are a few planes i havent listed like the sm.79 and the cessna A-208 aswell as all the available tanks)

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Overall id rather it not be added since it would just be premium also id like to see the Pucara with Argentina first and probably in germany if possible since they have a few Argentinian tanks. Maybe they could come but it seems like a lot of copy paste without any real variety. Now if they had unique modifications i could see a few but i think most would rather not. France isnt really lacking in aircraft tbh

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There are infact unique modifications like the bomber version of the hawker hunter that was a trainer aircraft and the cessna AC-208 combat caravan

Something like this would be better suited for a tree that includes other nations from its region.

The problem is there are no main techtrees in the region where lebanon is. France is the best option since lebanon was a french mandate. And if it were to be added in the israeli techtree t would cause alot of controversy

Nations like that should just end up as a filler nation to fill up different trees.

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