Adding RB-05B and fixing RB-05A!

Continuing the discussion from AJS37 Engine Performance:

The beginning of the video shows the Fuse mode being selected “programed” in the Robot (RB) “missile” before launch.

RB 05A A/G use
The RB 05A is used against single ground targets and structures such as bridges. The missile
is guided via the RB05 control unit.
The missile can be selected with several different fuse settings, which is done via the weapon
MARK: Ground targets. Missile will detonate just before impacting the ground / target.
SJÖ: Naval targets. Missile will detonate on impact with a very small delay.
LUFT: Aerial targets. Missile will detonate within 6 metres of an aircraft.

For suggestions DCS will not be a valid source.

are there any declassified documents on the operation of the rb05?

I haven’t done any research on the missile in particular, but it looks cool. Would be nice to have Swedish-developed weapons in-game seeing as it is mostly license production stuff at the moment.

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