Adding infatry to war thunder

i have an idea about what you can add to the game with 3.0 update or soner a new tech tree of infatry and you can unlock new guns starting in ww1 with the kar94 and with 0 rating tanks or another thing and you can progrees with new guns the modifacition would be like suppresor scopes etx and in the later guns you can also have atgms bazokazs and m4 and new weapons with premium guns and ww1 tanks and staff like that i jast think it would be really fun as a new mode like you adead naval i jast think it would be great

Man, i would get ENLISTED for such game straight away.


ye thats were i got my idea from i jast think it would be insanly cool

That is just enlisted dude just download enlisted instead of making war thunder enlisted


ye i know jast wanted to give them an idea

Of …

Checks notes

making another enlisted?

ENLISTED is a GAIJIN game, if you didn’t knew.
And War Thunder is a GAIJIN Game ^^"

It also is clear from start that no players will ever be on foot → AI maybe,… but PEGI 12 will be gone right up to 16, and if blood then 18.


well dude enlisted its already a game made by gaijin as @Cpt_Bel_V said there is no use on making another enlisted

tysm dident know that

Only as Ai that player can interact with.
Or Ai that some vehicles like APC , IFV and Utility helicopter can deploy. And can only order them to move around from point to point or guarding the area.
They would work great as a pointman or guard and they can be XP for player to farm. Plus they would certainly make WT look more lively.

Also Gaijin did have 1 game trailer that feature infantry fighting scene (welp it’s animation but still cool none the less)

Those models are made only for creation purposes,… but in no way you’ll see them in game

The game could be adding those infantry models for AI purposes but as said earlier → it’s only possible with an increase of PEGI ranking.

I know. Anyhow just my opinion that Infantry as Ai would fit well with Ground Forces gamemode.

I still find it hilarious that PEGI ranking still the same even though there are top open vehicles like SPAA or SPG that has crew model expose to incoming fire outside vehicle.
Not to mention their official youtube channel also make a meme about kamikaze pilot.
And that april fool event “Mobile Infantry”
It’s kind of counterintuitive.

Enlisted is such a a fun game, can’t wait for it to be on steam