Adding American Self-Propelled Artillery

I enjoy the playstyle of the german tank destroyers such as the Sturer Emil and the Dicker Max but its not the exact playstyle I would like. I think a fun addition for an SPG line for the US would be the M41 HMC, M12 GMC, and the M40 GMC. All of these vehicles mount 155mm guns which we already have a few in game and would have familiar firepower. The M41 HMC is based on the chaffee chassis but is actually a bit lighter so it would be a fun vehicle to run around with. The M40 GMC is based on the easy 8 and the M12 is based on the M3 Lee so also familiar chassis. You could add the M7 Priest and the M37, but I mainly want to see the previously mentioned 3. An idea also came about when the germans recieved the sturmtiger, the US could receive the T92 HMC. It would only have -3.5 or so degrees elevation and a top speed of like 10 or 15 mph, but it would be awesome enough just to view the crew compartment. These vehicles would not be super meta but it would give fire support to help deal with german tanks due to volumetric making certain armor layouts tough to deal with. I am aware CAS is a great way to rid of german heavies lmao but it needs to be changed and this would be an all around better solution. Not everyone was able to obtain the T30 and the M12/M40 would be open and exposed with a thin gun shield at most as protection so the vehicles would never last long when shot at which would help with power creep or being OP. These additions being casemate TD like with limited traverse would help ease into adding arty as Iā€™m aware people are waiting for the paladin and other artillery systems.