Adding a thermal imager to the Radkampfwagen 90

Hello The Radkampfwagen 90 currently has br 9.7, but it does not have a thermal imager, although its peers have Examples; M1128 br 10.0, Rooikat MTTD br 9.0, Type 16 br 9.7 And at the same time they all have a thermal imager, my request and also to many other people to add a thermal imager to it, thank you for your attention

Did it have thermal sight in real life? If it did you can make a bug report and if it didn’t then there’s no way to add it in game.

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İts an unfinished prototype.

Turret wasnt even functional.

Bro managed to forget that it has the best performance compared to those vehicles… seriously though its a fun wheeles vehicle and if it got thermals it would need to go up in br.

something something yak 141…

was it rlly planned tho?
if so, something might be possible

Do you have any information that shows there was planned thermal imager Rad90?

Because if we take Yak-141 approach we have to find documents at least.

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Yea, I agree, you cannot even damage this rat with a 155 HE shell on the sides of the turret.

Its a very solid vehicle and if it got thermals it should go up. Its got decent armor, mobility pen, and a good BR so i think its an excellent vehicle for the 9.7 line up

both this and class 3p is ridiculously good. its fun to not get any damage when using enormous light tank.

Kikka.* Stop trying to take credit away from my Kikka.

Excellent Alvis take.

i just pointed out how its okay to give a plane a radar it never had, maybe could but never had :)

And suddenly how you guys do a 180 turn and go like " it never had it bla bla"

Its nothing new that the turret was just added so it looks like a tank with gun
but nothing else

Go seek help

Probably not otherwise there would be cut outs? for it

“Das abgebildete Fahrzeug zeigt einen Prototypen, dem zur Erzeugung eines ‘combat vehicle-look-a-like’ -Eindrucks sowie zur Gewichtssimulation der Prototypturm eines Kampfpanzers Leopard 2 aufgesetzt wurde. Der Turm war jedoch nicht funktionsfähig. Selbst drehen ließ er sich nicht.”

“Aufgrund der sich verschlechternden Marktlage im Bereich Wehrtechnik wurde das Vorhaben in den neunziger Jahren eingestellt.”

İ never turned 180 degree, i just stated the facts and asked a simple question.

You can always check my replies to see what kind of opinions do i have about Yak-141 incident.

Except its not a Leopard 2 turret. The Rad 90 is weird. It uses the turret of a Leopard 1A3 with the mantlet of a Leopard 2 prototype with the gun of a Leo 1 stuffed in

Btw the Rad was build in 1983, the first Leo 1A5 with thermal imager only appeared 3 years later, and the Leopard 1A5(DK) (the only A3 modified to A5 standard) only came around in the 90s.

So no, the Rad never had, nor was planned to have, thermal imaging

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Speaking of… shouldn’t we have had a Leopard 1A3 or A4 by now? Stabilizer like the 1A1A1, but no DM23 dart.

if there were plans, i have no issue accepting there bieng an upgrade. but gaijin smh doesnt do upgrades like this