Add Tigers to every country that operated them

Operators of the Tigers should receive the Tiger in their tech tree. Countries with confirmed operations of the Tiger tank are Germany, Hungary (First Hungarian Army WW2), Romania (King Michael’s Coup), and France(Saint Nazaire salient and push into Europe with Allies in WW2). It would make the Tiger more accessible and balance out the tier for those countries. There are already many captured tanks like the m4, t-34, kv-1, kv-2, in Germany so it’s not unheard of to have captured vehicles in countries. The Tiger that was not operated by the Japanese is in the Game as the Heavy Tank No.6, but the countries that operated the Tiger do not have it. There are many other countries like the U.S., Britain, and USSR that captured the Tiger during the war.


No. If you want to play the Tigers, grind Germany. Don’t make every one else have to grind thru your copypaste. There is already far to much of that as even you admit.


Germany probably has the biggest amount of captured vehicles in premium/event tree, I think only USA with their captured aircraft comes close, no other nation does.
If you want to play best KV-1, your way is to buy German premium, if you want to play best T-34-76 your way is to buy a premium.


I’m ok with some countries having foreign vehicles to fill some gaps, but this case is just a no, personally I’m sick of every country having the same vehicle.

Why have different countries at this point? If everyone’s going to have the same vehicles at some point, what’s so special and unique about each country?

Let me give you an example; the T-80U. The USSR gets it, then also Sweden got it (which is bs to me, because Sweden is squared already), so what’s next, a South Korean T-80U in the Japanese tree?

You’ve got the T-90 too! Russia gets it, but then Great Britain also gets it because India used it! What’s the point?

It’s a shame, at least to me, that barely any country is special anymore. I’d be fine with having M47s and M24s in France for example (because they’re really important vehicles at some point in their history, and it would also fill some BR gaps), but having a Leopard 2A4 in 3 countries (4 if you count Finland) that don’t even need it is just unnecessary and redundant, making battles boring at this point.


Besides not being the point/subject here. That isn’t a good thing.

I think a Historical Italian Tiger tank vehicle would be neat, but I don’t think more are needed.

Although, the captured American King Tiger would be kinda neat.


It’d be really fun to bully German mains with Tiger 332 hehe


Only nation to get a tiger and it make sense is italy as it has no heavy tank


u smart ass are aware that hungary got confirmed to receive a tiger in the future?, besides that romania is part of the italian tree as well so you naming them double now for the same tree

The Panther Dauphine is lonely at 6.0 now, which is the only reason I’d ask for a Tiger for France.


Restrict it so it has less traverse than a Stug III since its turret was forcefully yanked into position destroying the traversing mechanism, ball bearing race, gun alignment,…whatever else:

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XD? So german MiGs should be removed because MiGs are soviet and you make ussr to play them

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Very good. Have a cookie.

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I can’t believe you took that seriously.

And there are plenty of vehicles in this game that had horrible real life conditions lol

I dont miss Italy having no heavy personally