Add the T92 Howitzer Motor Carriage

Add the T92.

Basic Info:
|Mass|127,000 lb (58 t)
|Length|384 in (9.8 m; 32 ft 0 in)
|Width|133 in (3.4 m; 11 ft 1 in)
|Height|125 in (3.2 m; 10 ft 5 in)
|Crew|8 (Commander, driver, co-driver, 5x gun crew)

|Rate of fire|1 round/min
|Maximum firing range|25,255 yd (23.093 km)

|Armor|25 mm (0.98 in)|
|Main armament|T92: [240 mm howitzer M1])
T93: [8-inch Gun M1
|Engine|[Ford GAF], gasoline
470 hp (350 kW)|
|Power/weight|8.1 hp/ton[[2]]
|Suspension|[torsion bar]
|Operational range|50–80 mi (80–129 km)|
|Maximum speed|24 km/h (15 mph)

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