Add the Su-34 to the game please

Su-25 occupies a break, now add the Su-34

Wings in the sky

Right now is a no go, better wait for Su-24 with “corrected” FM, i want to toss Jdamski from 5km


Simultaneously with F-15E

But pleeeease…
Very original… Well, I will be happy to shoot down these targets with the aim-120, but it is clear to everyone who is familiar with the game that it is only a matter of time before this aircraft is introduced! And for this there is also a section Suggestions.

But you can play su-34 already this month. You hire a freelancer for $200-800 who will create a 3D model for you, or you buy it on turbosquid, then you hire a person who exports the model to Dagor Engines for $150 and voila, for $600 you can fly solo missions!