Add the martlet missile to the stormer

The stormer has historically been a very troubled vehicle in war thunder. I get it, the star streaks are hard to model and are unique however it’s really not in a great place at the moment.

Rather than keep going round the star streak fixed → star streak broken → star streak fixed cycle, I propose adding the martlet missile as a researchable mod to the stormer.

The martlet is an 8km range, laser guided missile with a 3Kg proximity warhead. The missile is in service on stormer vehicles, it’s not hard to find pictures and footage of stormers firing martlets from a certain conflict.

This missile is exactly what the stormer needs. It resolves the ongoing problem of the vehicle being very dependent on having a low ping otherwise your star streaks phase through the target, it also solves the issues the star streak has with the damage they cause, drones should not be able to tank 3 hits with star streaks but it’s a regular occurrence currently.

It would also be quick and easy for gaijin as no new vehicle is needed.

LMM (Martlet)