Add the DMM exclusive "Akane Kisarazu" camoflauge for the AH-1S Kisarazu to Global server

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Previously Pass for consideration October 2022

Today I would like to suggest a camouflage that is actually already included in the game files but limited to only being able to receive the camouflage on DMM


This camouflage was given out during the 5th Anniversary of Warthunder’s service with DMM in August 2021. This skin was given to users that purchased 5 or more packs during the sale. As stated before this camouflage is already in the files but limited to DMM users.

This is actually a historical camouflage that was designed for the 20th anniversary of the 4th Anti-Tank Helicopter Corps. The camouflage was created by Takashi Fujiswa and made original characters for each of the “Kisarazu Sisters”