Add the ability to combine digits into a single decal

I would love to be able to combine some digits to put on my vehicles.

Since right now if I want a three digit identification number on the side of my turret I need to use three decal slots, and it has to be symmetrical otherwise I can’t display it properly on the other side, so for example 123 becomes 321.

This feature would make it easier to customize vehicles by not needing to use multiple slots for numbers so it would open up more historical looks.

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Now that’s actually a good idea. Rather than needing to make a spare slot into a guideline to make them all align right, you can put them all as one, and viola.

Love this! I wanna be able to add proper numbers to my germans without needing to use 3 slots


yeah, I’ve been waiting for this for years until it’s finally implemented into the game


This would be huge, and if we are at that, it would be nice to be able to choose the color too


+1. The fact that you can’t even have a custom 2 digit number on both faces of the vehicle is frustrating and greatly limits the choices for customization.


this seems quite similar to an old forum post that i found:

It says that it was passed to the developers for consideration, but it seems like nothing ever came of it. perhaps a revival of the concept is in order, it would give even more freedom to this idea, and potentially make it easier to implement as a developer, as you would be saving a string of text, position, font and background instead of specific decal ids and their relative positions.

Oh yeah, this would be very nice +1.

Maybe also a proper “Custom Text” decal (like Chinese vehicles do, byt there’s no way to replicate in game with just decals) if proper moderation is implemented to avoid misuse (even if I doubt it possible)


yes that would be a great idea

Let me guess, especially the “4” right?

why the 4?

I think he might wanted to make a joke whith a certain german football uniform, which got withdraft for the similarity of the number 4s to the letter S.
Or he dosn’t like the meaning of 444 which is " a person making progress towards their goels". Which is obviusly an unknown concept for warthunder players, therefore must be banished outside of the game to not confuse them.

Because you can make a swastika with them. Probably something “NazBol” knows. Right?

I don’t think that the suggestion is about moving the numbers freely, its just having the ability to have 3 (or more) of them next to eachother, and being able to be mirrored to the other side.

If this ever happens I will put 69 on every vehicle I own.