Add T18e2 Boarhound Heavy Armoured Car To the British Tech Tree

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Introduction and Vehicle History

Hi everyone, I have another suggestion for a vehicle already present in game, in this case the t18e2 boarhound. the history of this armoured vehicles starts inIn July 1941, the US Army Ordnance Corps issued specifications for a heavy armored car (along with another specification for a medium armored car, which resulted in the T17 Deerhound and T17E1 Staghound) to be built for supply to the British. The prototype was initially armed with a 37 mm gun and this was deemed insufficient for anti tank duties, so the production version (t18e2) was equipt with the 57 mm gun M1, which was just a US-manufactured British QF 6 pounder.

The United States Army only showed minimal interest in the vehicle and retained the first 3 production vehicles. The British Army on the other hand placed an order for 2,500 units, but high production costs and poor cross-country performance led to cancellation of the order with only 27 being delivered to North Africa (because of this only a total of 30 of the cars were actually manufactured). The ones that made it to north africa where never used widely in combat; however, a number were made use of by defending bases of operation in North Africa, with a few even taking part in convoy operations. There are also accounts that a limited few were refitted for special duties in the rear echelon as well. Late in 1942, orders were issued for multiple Boarhounds to be assigned to the Eighth Army, which used them sparingly as supporting armored vehicles and, to some extent, in reconnaissance roles. Because of this, even though the tanks were used by the British army, they never saw heavy action. In the present day a single example remains in existance, and is preserved in Bovington tank museum.

Because it was made for the british army, and was only operated by the british i think it is reasonable to suggest the vehicle should be added to the british tree in some form. below are several historical pictures of the armoured car in service with the british army.

Historical Pictures:




Specifications/ sumerized history for the T18e2:




T18 should already be in the US TT, was a crime by gaijin. Hopefully we can get both the to UK and US TTs

I missed the event for this, so I support any effort to add it as a TT vehicle. +1

The only way Gaijin will add this, is by giving it solidshot, cuz britain must suffer.

Why should it be in the US TT? There’s nothing American about it, except for it being built there.

  • Ordered at British request.
  • Specifications were at British request.
  • Built for the British.
  • Supplied to the British.
  • Used by the British.

T18E2 should have been British at the start.


I mean the exact same can be said for the T-14. Or T-90S ( i hate T-90S)

Then again new patch added the Lynx “built by Germans used by Hungary” and Hungary has it.
So maybe Gaijin just hates Britain ahah.

I’m trying to think of other equivalents now hmm. AV-8A and C, built by Britain for American use. But no need for both to have as GR3 is very similar.

Italian Fireflys annoy the hell out of me, the fact there’s still no British Sherman IC with APDS, that’d make it fair at least.

M4A4, built by America but American doesn’t have any. Mostly because M4A4 is a downgrade to M4 at the same BR and they barely used them but I think America could get maybe one, at the very least an event/premium/BP one, the US 6617th Engineer Mine Clearance company definitely used them, including with a weird early version of the Shermans M1 Dozer blade. Funny to note than in the new WT Mobile game the US has the M4A4.
From here: M4A4 Sherman production variants

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+1, it’s a big shame the UK tree hasn’t received this yet

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I dont see why it cant be both, as is always my opinion on the british/us shared vehicles. We already see tons of this. Look at the shermans and M3 Lee/Grant for ex



Realistically, the US should get the 37mm prototype. While the British get the 57mm variant they used.

Similar things could be done with other armoured cars:

  • US gets T17 Deerhound, British get T17E1 Staghound.
  • US gets T17E3, British gets Staghound Mk III.

Did some reading into this, would be a great vehicle for the UK tree given we actually used it.

Now the damage has already been done I’d just like a C&P of the American one but ideally the US should have gotten the 37mm variant.