Add Kinetic Damage to Bombs

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War thunder currently has a few AP bombs to help fight against large ships by penetrating the deck and exploding inside of the ship.

Me and my friend tested out a few of the Japanese AP and non-AP bombs to see if they would actually penetrate the deck of a ship and if so how much damage it would do.

What we found out is that Bombs do not have any physical AP effect on ships (shrapnel and HE power excluded).
The bomb would just hit the ship and explode on the deck regardless of what kind of bomb was dropped.

What would this add to WarThunder?

There are currently 2 AP/SAP bombs in the game that currently do not have the feature that actually make them stand out from regular HE bombs.

The 2 bombs that would benefit the most from this are:

500kg Type 2 Number 50 Model 1 GP (SAP)


This bomb should be able to penetrate up to 80mm of armour.

Navy Type 99 Number 80 AP


The Japanese stated this bomb could penetrate 150mm of armour. Had a tail fuze.

These 2 bombs rely heavily on Kinetic force to be able to penetrate decks of ships but kinetic energy is not currently in the game.

I think this feature could be used on all bombs to give them more kinetic damage when hitting a target (the 2 bombs mentioned are mentioned in particular due to the nature of the type of bomb being AP/SAP specifically to bomb ships)

If you have any comments/concerns or questions feel free to ask in the comments.

Sources: Reports/USNTMJ-200E-0465-0531 Report 0-23.pdf


It’s honestly surprising this is still not a thing yet +1


+1 AP/SAP bombs sacrificed explosive capacity for penetrating performance. Without penetration, it’s unfair to these bombs.

Forgot to mention it was discussed in the Q&A back in February so there’s a chance that the feature will be implemented soon but who knows when.


It was a feature back in the day, but it caused issues so they removed it.
It’d be neat if they refined it & added it back.

Anti-ship missiles will also come to us someday. And the ‘kinetic damage’ mechanism will help with AP/SAP bombs as well as anti-ship missiles and Mavericks. I think this is a good suggestion.

If germany would get the SD 70, not just israel, that would also be beneficial. Its more or less a beefier Sd 50 for more Ap penetration.


Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.